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Cottonwood Meadows is located in Buena Vista, Colorado at 7,900 feet above sea level. The Arkansas Headwaters run through the town, providing a Gold Medal fishery and plenty of rafting. It is surrounded by some of Colorado’s famous Fourteener peaks. The town itself is a hidden gem. There are plenty of independent restaurants and shops, small to medium size hotels, public showers, parks, hiking trails, small grocery stores and beautiful views.  Click here for more information about Buena Vista, Colorado.

Around Battlemoor, the weather tends to be sunny with highs in the mid 70s and lows in the mid 40s with moderate humidity and gentle breezes.


The physical address of the site is: Cottonwood Meadows, 14840 County Rd 350, Buena Vista, CO, 81211

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The site has an altitude of 7900 feet. To help prevent altitude sickness, consider the following:

  • Stay Hydrated – The most important advice from the medical community is to stay hydrated. Start drinking water well in advance of your arrival.
  • Consume Caffeine and Alcohol in Moderation –  Caffeine and alcohol can both be dehydrating and the effects of dehydration are intensified by the altitude change.
  • Take It Easy – Overexerting yourself may make you feel worse. Take it easy when you first arrive with shorter periods of activity and frequent breaks during the day.

Please bring your own potable water.  While there will be water buffaloes, these only supplement.

There are no showers provided on site. Camps/groups may have showers with biodegradable soaps ONLY.

There is a pond and stream on site that may be used for swimming and wading. Water shoes are recommended.  Children MUST be accompanied by parent/guardian, no exceptions.