Bees, Wasps, Mermaids

There are no tarantulas, snakes, brown recluse spiders, sharks, or scorpions at Battlemoor. There have been mermaids sighted and there are bees and wasps. They mate in May and are usually a little calmer by July. They get very active again at the end of the summer so we shouldn’t have quite as much trouble with them as last year. They are present, though, and if you disturb their nests, they can become quite agitated. On land, search your camp for holes in the ground surrounded by rings of dirt. If you find something, let the staff know and we’ll deal with it for you. In the water, just look for rings- the shinier the better. The staff can’t help you with mermaids- you’re on your own. Bees are attracted to sweet things, mermaids to better quality bourbons. If you have either, keep them covered. Make sure you have an epi-pen if you need it.