Camping Tips

Knowing what to expect when camping at Battlemoor XI will not only make the event successful for you and your campmates, it will make it all the more fun and safe for everyone. Here are some assorted tips to help us all have a rewarding Battlemoor.

Upon Arrival

Be sure to check in at the Gate first to get your site token. Please stop by the Welcome Tent/Apple Tree Keep for maps and information so the lovely volunteers can point you in the right direction of you camp. While there, consider signing up for a time slot to volunteer in the many locations people are needed!

Temperature and Weather
The mountains of Colorado are warm and windy during the day and often quite chilly during the nights. Pack your sunscreen, the elevation will allow you to burn faster, and drink water, as wind dehydrates more than we realize. At night, it gets very cold so layers are recommended! No one will know you’re wearing long johns under those pants unless you tell them. Bring more blankets and socks than you think you will need. It’s also suggested to bring HotHands hand warmers. The populace stresses laying a tarp under your tent. If you choose an air mattress, remember to put a blanket over the top, as the air in the mattress will not warm up.

The site is broad and there will be events and activities going on constantly, so make sure your footwear is suitable for walking many miles a day. For the handicap, there will be golf carts running daily. For everyone, a hay wagon running from 10am to 5pm hours throughout the day.

Bugs and Critters
This site has both wasps and bees. Wasp traps are easy to make to set on tables or hang from your tent. Here’s an article with a great tutorial to make traps out of used water bottles and sugar water. Keep your camp free of outstanding food and drink to deter bugs as well.
Bring insect repellent. The river and ponds bring biting insects.

Lost Items
Consider marking your mugs with your name and group if possible. If you lose something, check in at the Welcome Tent for the lost and found collection.

An easy way to prepare food is to bring it pre-made in Ziploc bags or vaccuum-sealed bags, and throw them in boiling water. Packages of aluminum foil on a fire is also a great way to cook fast and easy meals, but be mindful of open fire restrictions.. Check with your campmates first to see if someone is hosting a kitchen you can buy into. Remember, there are bears in the mountains, so put your food away to deter both predators and insects.

Being Courteous

While Colorado has legalized recreational and medicinal marijuana, SCA law prohibits use on site. Legally, you can consume it inside your property, such as a car, off site.
It is more important to note that many active members in the SCA are dangerously allergic to marijuana smoke. Because of this, we ask that if you are going to smoke marijuana, be cognizant of who is around you. Please be aware and courteous, as we’re all trying to enjoy ourselves in different ways.

“In regards to marijuana laws, all SCA participants should follow modern law, both State and Federal.  As it is still illegal under Federal law, marijuana is prohibited at SCA functions.” (Seneschal’s Handbook, 2014 edition, Section XXIV, SOCIETY SENESCHAL POLICIES & INTERPRETATIONS, pg 57)

Quiet Hours
Some of your campmates like to sleep, and you will eventually. Quiet hours are between midnight and 8am. Please be kind.

A charming and easy way to light your camp is with solar lights, of which there are many kinds. They help light the paths between tent poles and ropes to make a safer environment. Do be courteous that your lights are not too bright or negatively affecting your campmates.

Services on Site

Usability of Site
The site itself is minutes away from the quiet town of Buena Vista. It is secluded and private, and if you forgot anything while packing, BV has a wealth of stores to provide you with necessities. For more information, read this article.

Gray Water
If you are planning on doing your own dishes on site, please bring biodegradable soap, and dump the water as far from the creek as possible.
There will be potable water on side in large containers. This water will be safe for drinking or doing your dishes. If you are going to drink the river water, don’t, but if you have to, it MUST be filtered and boiled.

Open Flames
Do not leave open flames unattended.

Animals on Site
Please keep all pets leashed at all times, and be aware of their location. We ask that pets not be tied near the roads for their safety and the safety of those walking who may not want to be friends with your pet. Please keep your pets quiet for the sake of those within earshot.

Handling Alcohol and the Altitude
The altitude in Buena Vista is just under 8,000 feet, and if you are not used to the altitude, we offer caution. It is easy to become dehydrated, especially in the wind and sun, and when you mix in alcohol it is easy to quickly become intoxicated. Drink more water than you think you need!

Vigilantly Watching Open Beverages
We always hope everyone around us is honorable, and while the SCA is filled with noble people, it is always a responsible thing to watch your drinks. We want a safe and fun environment, so be on your guard, and on the guard of those around you. Should you witness anything concerning, please contact your nearest knight.

The main trees on the site are cottonwood, so come prepared if you have allergies.

WiFi and Calling
There is moderate cell service on site.