An event for the Society for Creative Anachronism

Site Rules

We appreciate your adherence to these few rules. Please respect the land and leave it better than you found it.

Arrival and Departure

Upon arriving, stop at the Gate to begin check in. Help is available to find your campsite or camping group. If you are preregistered and come on site before Tuesday for set-up, you must check in with gate Tuesday morning.

Please unload as quickly as possible.  You may pull off the roads to do so.  Then immediately move your vehicle to the parking lots. All vehicles should display a parking sheet on the dashboard and be parked in appropriate areas. The dashboard parking sheet is so we can contact you if there are any problems.

When you leave:

  1. Fill in any ‘sump holes’ dug for grey water. Fill any tent pole or other holes before you leave.
  2. Clear your site of trash/debris large and small.
  3. Please take your trash to the dumpsters provided. There are large dumpsters available by the main gate on the way out of site.
  4. Drive slowly on the dirt roads.

Site Usage

You MAY NOT step on the hay being grown. Stay away from all irrigation equipment. The ONLY exception is the archery field. You may WALK on that.

No Cutting Trees or Limbs! If you have a tree or limbs in your encampment that you feel poses a danger let the Autocrats know and we will take care of it.

Respect property boundaries; do not cross fences. We have plenty of room here!

The vehicles, houses, trailers and any buildings or structures are the Private Property of the Site Owner. Tampering, entering, defacing or disrespectful acts will not be tolerated.

Please bring your own water supply.  It is important to remain hydrated, so please use what you need, but be not wasteful. We will have hydration stations (5-gallon jugs w/ covers) all around, not just at the fighting field, ALL guests are welcome to partake of this water.

Electricity is for Staff and official use only. If you need to charge a medical device, please talk to the event stewards.

Generator and motor quiet time will begin at 10:00 PM and end at 7:00 AM each day. Anything that can be heard in court will need to be turned off during court.

Fire Information and Rules

  1. Subject to fire restrictions at the time of the event, there will be a fire each night in Town Hall.
  2. In camps, only propane stoves, lanterns, etc. that have on–off switches are allowed, and must be attended at all times. A fire extinguisher must be available at each camp using such a device.
  3. Look for posted fire warnings and observe them. Local Fire Restrictions in Las Animas County are subject to change at any time prior to or during the event.
  4. While smoking is permitted, DO NOT THROW CIGARETTE BUTTS ON THE GROUND. Anyone caught doing so may be asked to leave the site.
  5. No smoking within Town Hall pavilions – please treat these structures as you would a building and step outside these enclosures in consideration for fellow attendees and tent safety.

Alcohol and Marijuana

In Colorado you must be 21 to consume alcohol, marijuana, etc…. This will be enforced without exception.

DECEMBER 5, 2019: The Board of Directors has removed the 2013 Marijuana Policy Interpretation from the Seneschal’s handbook. The SCA will alternatively utilize the following language located within Corpora in section I. A. 2.

Where marijuana consumption is legal for recreational use, all local and/or state laws should be followed and its usage should be treated similarly to alcohol and tobacco. Additionally, where marijuana consumption is legal for medical use, all local and/or state laws should be followed to conform to those regulations as well. Participants within the SCA should always observe courtesy with their use of any product that produces smoke or vapor. Both tobacco and marijuana smoke can be harmful to others and exposure to second hand smoke is a health risk we should not impose on others.

The SCA Code of Conduct includes to “Promote a safe and respectful environment for all SCA events.” Please be aware that respiratory allergies exist to both tobacco and marijuana smoke and you may be asked to relocate your person when you smoke. Camps are asked to talk with their neighbors and inform each other of a smoke or other allergy.

Monitor Children and Pets

The “Sight and Sound” rule is in effect at Battlemoor for children. This rule states that children less than 12 years old should be in eyesight and earshot (hearing) of a parent, legal guardian, “Temporary Guardian”, designated adult, or designated teenager (as determined by the parent or guardian). The Sight and Sound Rule applies even when the minor is in service or at youth activities. 

Pets are allowed on site as long as they are properly leashed at all times. Clean up after your animals appropriately! Pets are welcome in camps as long as they’re under control. If your pets are making enough noise that there are complaints, you may move to a campsite without neighbors or take them to a kennel in town. Vaccination records may be asked for.

More information and a helpful guide are available here.

May you have safe travels home.  We look forward to seeing you next year!