Bringing Your RV To Battlemoor XI?

If you are planning to bring an RV to Battlemoor, good news! There aren’t any fees for your vehicle but you will need to register with the RV/Parking Coordinator.  We are currently searching for a coordinator.  Please contact the Event Stewards if you are interested in volunteering!  In the meantime, contact the Event Coordinators with your RV questions and we will answer them the best we can.

Please send an email to RV/Parking Coordinator with the subject line: RV BATTLEMOOR XI PARKING REQUEST.

Please include the following in your email message to to ensure adequate space is reserved for your castle on wheels:

Your Name

Email Address

Phone Number

Date of arrival

Size (length AND width) of your RV

Please note: There are no electrical or water hook-ups available.

Generator and motor quiet time will begin at 8:00 PM and end at 8:00 AM

For your convenience, the Salida Chamber of Commerce provides a list of dump and fill locations for your RV that can be found here: