Teens at Battlemoor XI

Edwin of Mausel will be organizing teen activities at Battlemoor this year. These are entirely separate from Youth Activities. Tentatively, he is looking at activities both day and evening, including revels with drumming and dancing, equestrian meet and greets, a bardic, ice breakers and gaming nights. Contact him with suggestion and ideas.

Schedule (Tentative)

Wednesday, July 1
Noon-3pm — Teen meet and greet
7pm-10pm — Teen Revel

Thursday, July 2
Noon-3pm — Teen meet and greet  & games
7pm-10pm — Teen Revel

Friday, July 3
Noon-3pm — Teen meet and greet & games
1pm-3pm —   Drumming class
7pm-10pm — Teen Revel

Saturday, July 4
Noon-3pm — Teen final meet and greet/ice breakers & games