An event for the Society for Creative Anachronism

Visitors and Media

Welcome to BattleMoor and welcome to the dream that is the Society of Creative Anachronism. In Aguilar, CO, we will transform the Sporeleder Centennial Ranch into a living history site. We love to share our knowledge and passion for history, and we are offering different ways to get involved.

  • Join us! You can participate in our activities and in uncovering history as it was meant to be. Come witness swordplay, take classes in medieval and renaissance era arts and sciences, learn court dancing, join us for bardic and drum circles with music and stories around the campfire, and even camp with us. Please know, that we are a membership organization, and those attending the event are expected to wear ‘garb’ (pre-1600s outfits). While many of us struggled with our first garb, and the group is very understanding, it is all part of the dream. If you are interested in camping with us, please contact us with any questions. As a non-member you will be expected to sign a waiver, and if you are camping, please let us know you are a ‘newcomer’ so we can introduce you to the membership!
  • Guided Tours. We know there will be people just interested in learning about what we do, and catching a glimpse of us at it. While this isn’t a renaissance fair, we will have tours Weds-Sun at 10:00 and 1:00. Please inquire at the front gate.
  • School Groups. If you are a local teacher wishing to bring a group of students, we highly encourage you to do that. However, to make sure all the appropriate all the right ‘i’s are dotted and ‘t’s crossed, we ask that you contact us in advance to arrange a time.
  • Media. We are happy to give you a tour and talk about passion. However, we ask that you contact us to pre-arrange a time, so we can make sure there are certain people available for you to speak with. In your email, please include your organization name, type of tour you are seeking, and if there are any particular people you wish to meet (members from the local group, kingdom officer, etc). We can’t guarantee everyone will be available, but we will reach out on your behalf.

SCA Members
Please be aware our new Battlemoor site will be farther from town, and naturally, people will want to learn about our organization and passion for history. If you are interested in helping out, please contact us. Hospitality is at the heart of every Battlemoor and being a village liaison is your chance to show hospitality for our neighbors and future SCA members.