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Youth Hall

General Information

Please note that at Battlemoor the “Sight and Sound Rule” is in effect, which states that children less under 12 years old should be in eyesight and earshot (hearing) of a parent or legal guardian. There are also Curfew site rules for minors, under the age of 12, and for minors, ages 12-17. Parents, Legal Guardians, and Temporary Guardians, please read the site rules for minors on this webpage.  If you are bringing a minor to the event, who is not your child, you need to have the “Temporary Guardian” paperwork filled out in advance and some of it notarized: read MINORS NOTICE and download Minors Forms HERE.

Site Rules, Parental Responsibilities & Curfews

For the Outlands Kingdom, minors are persons under 18 years of age residing in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming and under 19 years of age (unless married) residing in Nebraska.  Minors are welcome to participate, subject to the following rules:

1. Parents and Guardians’ Responsibilities – Parents, legal guardians, and “Temporary Guardians” (as recorded on the “Child Guardian Consent” form) are responsible for the safety of their minors and should be aware of their location and activities at all times. Parents must not expect other adults to supervise or control minors who are wandering unaccompanied at events. Children under the age of 5 should not be left unsupervised by the parent, legal guardian or “Temporary Guardian”. Children 12 years old and younger are not considered suitable babysitters for younger children. If you have an emergency and have to leave site without your minors, and you want to leave your minor with another adult, please sign a SCA Medical Authorization form designating that adult to be responsible for your child while you are gone and give that form to the designated adult. These forms are available at the Youth Hall and the Gate. Because our site is at a higher altitude than you may be used to, please be sure that your child drinks plenty of water and uses sunscreen or protection from the sun. Water will be available to all at the Youth Hall.

2. Sight and Sound Rule, Legal Guardians, “Temporary Guardians”, Designated Adults, Designated Teens, Lost Children – The “Sight and Sound” rule is in effect at Battlemoor. This rule states that children less than 12 years old should be in eyesight and earshot (hearing) of a parent, legal guardian, “Temporary Guardian”, designated adult, or designated teenager (as determined by the parent or guardian). The Sight and Sound Rule applies even when the minor is in service or at youth activities. As a guideline, it is suggested that children in this age range are supervised and not be allowed to wander freely, and if the minor is in the care of an adult or designated teen, other than the parent, legal guardian or “Temporary Guardian”, the children should be checked on periodically by the parent, legal guardian or “Temporary Guardian” to ensure their safety and suitable behavior. Legal Guardians have been appointed Guardians of said minor by a Court of Law, and will have court documents (which they should bring to Battlemoor and present at the Gate) showing their Guardianship. “Temporary Guardians” are adults, who bring minors to events for whom they are not the Parent or Legal Guardian (as appointed by a court) & will have notarized forms signed by the minor’s parents.  Please see the “Child Forms” webpage under Youth Hall, for details as to the required paperwork and required signatures for “Temporary Guardians”“Designated adults” and “designated teens” (babysitters) are asked to look after a minor by a parent or guardian, but will not have the paperwork required of a “Temporary Guardian.” Except for Archery, a Designated Adult can accompany minors to A&S classes and be responsible for them during curfew periods. Lost Children – Should you feel that your minor child is lost, please check first at the Youth Hall, when the Youth Hall is open. We will notify Security and all Battlemoor Coordinators of any child brought to the Youth Hall, and have play things and children for the child to play with, until reunited with you. We also are in constant radio communication with other Coordinators which aids in the process of reuniting “lost children” with their loved ones. At all other times, check with Security.

3. Alcohol and Illegal Substances – The Legal drinking age in Colorado is 21. No minor may consume alcohol or use illegal substances. No adult may offer alcohol or illegal substances to a minor. Anyone found violating these laws will be ejected from the site, and may be subject to other action.

4. Medical Treatment by a First Aid Volunteer – No minor may receive medical treatment from a First Aid Volunteer (other than that required to sustain life in an emergency), unless consent is obtained from the parent, legal guardian or “Temporary Guardian” present at the event.

5. Curfews – Minors under age 13 must be supervised by an authorized adult (parent, legal guardian, “Temporary Guardian”, or a designated adult) in their camps or be with an authorized adult from 9pm-6am.  Teens (ages 13-17) must be supervised by an authorized adult in their camps, or be with an authorized adult from 11pm to 6am.

6. Society Policies Regarding the Breaking of Rules – Minors whose behaviors violate SCA Governing Documents, Kingdom Law/Policies or Site Rules will be escorted to their parent, legal guardian, or “Temporary Guardian” and issued a verbal warning for the first offense. If a second offense occurs, the parent, legal guardian, or “Temporary Guardian” will be required to keep the minor with them for the remainder of the event. If a third offense occurs, the minor and parent, legal guardian, or “Temporary Guardian” will be ejected from the site and the matter will be reported to the Kingdom Seneschal and the Society Seneschal.