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We LOVE pets at Battlemoor! Dogs, cats, goats, budgies, bats, hamsters- if you can put a leash on it, it’s welcome at Battlemoor (sorry, snakes). That being said, if your pet has *ever* been aggressive, please don’t stress them out by bringing them to a crowded, loud, unfamiliar environment. It’s not a kindness. At the first sign of aggression, we’ll help you find a place to board your animal in town.

If you have a short-faced dog or cat and you’re coming from a low altitude, they may have problems with the elevation, especially if they’re excited about all the new things. The dogs that have died on flights recently have all been brachycephalic. Airplane cabins are pressurized to 6000-8000’. Battlemoor is at 6900’. Please double check with your vet.

They’ll have to be on a leash at all times. Make sure there’s identification on the collar so we can reunite you when the leash fails.

Even if you bring your elephant, you’re responsible for cleaning up behind them. You may not want to bring your elephant.

Some animals are enthusiastic worshipers of the night, or the dawn, or squirrels, or leaves, or spirits. If yours is one such, you need to have a way to keep them from waking up your camp mates with their songs of joy. Spending the night yelling “shut up, chicken” doesn’t work on many different levels. We have camping areas away from the main event. There are also on-line plans to make baffle boxes to cut down on the noise. You can set a kennel up in the back of your truck in the parking lot. If necessary, we’ll help you find a place in town to board your animal.

Mirza Jibra’il `Attar’s Guide to Understanding Dog Behavior