An event for the Society for Creative Anachronism

Site Setup and Tear Down

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to come to help setup and stay for tear down for Battlemoor! We really appreciate those who want to come make this the most hospitable Battlemor yet!

Folks helping with setup may come as early as Saturday June 29th but you MUST register to do this. Please register based on the day you will arrive.

Battlemoor’s greatest need has always been people willing to stick around to tear down the event and help restore the land. This is for whole event teardown needs. Camps are still required to be off-site by 3pm on Sunday July 7th.  Folks helping with teardown may be on site late Sunday or until Monday, as needed, but you MUST register to help with tear down to do this.  If you are signing up for tear down, please choose the day you intend to leave.

Site setup begins Saturday, June 29.

We really appreciate everyone who is willing to help make the event an amazing experience for everyone.

Please note that those who sign up for Setup must be pre-registered.