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This information to be updated for 2024

Herald’s Point

Heralds Point once more offers its services to the Kingdom of The Outlands.

Silent Heralds

Visual Language Services: Visual Language services will be provided at Battlemoor by the Voices of the Populace of the Outlands. We are planning to provide services for Court and Town Cries, subject to the availability and safety of our volunteers. We are available to provide services for Tournaments, A&S Classes, Revels, etc., if requested, subject to the availability and safety of our volunteers. Requests can be made by completing this form: Visual Language Service Request Form Battlemoor 2023 or by filling out a request form on-site at gate. If you have further questions, please contact the Head Emissary, Bantiarna Gráinne Ṡocair at [email protected].

Privy Posts
Available each morning, the daily Post will give you another chance to review the event schedule should you misplace your guidebook or not have a Town Crier available.

Town Criers
O’yez! O’yez! O’yez!
Keeping The Outlands informed at Battlemoor, our town criers have the joy of meeting new people, exploring the entire Battlemoor event site, and are often regarded as the most valued and visible members of the event staff.  Our voice herald volunteers have the opportunity to provide timely and necessary information for the populace of each day’s activities. If you wish to join us, you will be part of a long tradition of performing arts, akin to the bards and poets of yore!

Tournament Heralds
Once again, Battlemoor will have many martial activities, and The Outlands’ Field Heralds will be present assisting the List. We are in the arena, calling brave fighters to their round, asking them to arm, and informing the populace who stands in victory!

There will be mulitple heavy armor, rapier, and cut/thrust tournaments  scheduled. We welcome you one and all, and have room for you ringside if you wish to join us.

Volunteer Auction

Disabilities – Battlemoor Staff are committed to making reasonable accommodations for those good gentles that need assistance. There will be power available at First Aid Point to charge medical devices. Battlemoor assumes no responsibility for devices being charged. First Aid point is not staffed around the clock and there will be no guard to watch over devices while they charge.

The nearest emergency health care facility is nearly 30 miles to the south in Trinidad:      

Mt. San Rafael Hospital
410 Benedicta Ave, Trinidad, CO 81082

For our friends who come from the lands of sufficient oxygen, we’d like to give you some tips to help you transition to crisp, clean, clear mountain air.

  1. Wear sunscreen. Did you know you can get 2nd degree sunburns? Especially in areas where there’s less air and water vapor to scatter and absorb sunlight. On areas that people are going to notice. They hurt. Like, a lot. Lord Lothar will laugh at you as he helps you put aloe on the burn and you’ll peel like an orange later. Sun screen is much easier.
  2. Drink! More than just alcohol. The thinner the air, the less moisture it can hold and that’s on top of being in a desert. In Colorado, you don’t sweat. It goes straight from your body to vapor and all that’s left behind is some salt. If you haven’t developed the waxy coating common to desert plants and native Coloradans, you need to drink. Battlemoor will have water available across the site.
  3. Speaking of drinking alcohol, it’s going to hit a lot harder at higher altitudes. Honestly- you need to pace yourself. Go back and read the post about privies. Is this where you want to spend your evening?
  4. Take medications (if you’re prone to altitude sickness, talk to your doctor about acetazloamide (Diamox). Pain relievers can help with the headache. But honestly, it’s probably more dehydration and sunburn than altitude sickness.
  5. It’s perfectly OK not to hit the ground running. Plan to take some time to get stuff done. Take breaks. It’s not a lack of moral rectitude, it’s fewer red blood cells.
  6. Seriously, water and sunscreen. When was the last time you drank?

If you suffer extreme fatigue, drowsiness, confusion and lack of coordination,  you need to see a doctor.